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About Me

I am Marie Antonette H. Crescini
I can say I'm a kind of person of rather chose to stay at home that to be out on
the street or shopping malls with friends. I can say in short word that I m a loner. I love cooking, I like surfing the net meeting
different kind of people I like
viewing films, specially romantic films and actions too, I like Steven Seagal so much
because of the way he acts and the way he moves when he is doing fight scenes and of course not to forget is face and figure and specially his long hair.
I love listening to music most of the time even when I'm studying my lessons I would prefer to have a background music.
My favorite song is SOMEBODY it has a beautiful meaning that I can relate into, this was sung by the group Depeche Mode.
My favorite Color is Blue because
it has the same color as of the wide sky.

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