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My Family

I am not a wide dreamer, having a simple life for me is enough. But for my family I would dream the most beautiful and greatest life for them.
The most comfortable place to live in, the most beautiful and expensive things to use, the most pleasant trip for a vacation.
Most especially I dreamed the most beautiful garden for the

woman who gave us life,
the woman who loves us very much, the woman who does all her best to teach us the right things to be done,
the woman who suffered a lot when we are in pain and that woman is our
For me family is the most important part of my life in a way that if I don't have this kind of family
I wouldn't grow as strong and as independent as I m today. That if I don't have this family
I would rather chose to not be in this world. I get my courage in life because of my family, and because I do belive in the sying
"At the end of the rainbow there is a pot of Gold"
meaning that in everything we do there will always be a reward at the end and I also do belive that
"Clouds have silver linings"

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